1. Why Perlesa?


      Simple: Design. Quality. Price.

      It all started when Maria Vatră first opened its first showroom in 2015 in Bucharest, Romania with a vision to redefine elegance, allure and style in the form of stunning pieces of pearl jewelry.

      Since its inception, the company has been unique in its designs as every product is crafted to a standard of perfection. Whether it is elaborate wedding jewelry or affordable wearables, Perlesa has fashioned exceptional designs with unmatched quality. Over time, timeless treasures from Perlesa have helped intimate moments become lifetime memories.


      1. Is the jewelry certified?



      Every piece of our jewelry is certified by "Autoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor - Directia Metale Pretioase si Pietre Pretioase"(National authority for consumer protection - Precious metals and precious gemstones directorate).


      1. Can I return any of your jewelry?


      Yes, you can. The only type of jewelry which CAN NOT be returned is earrings due to hygienic reasons. All the other pieces can be returned within 14 days of delivery. Please read full Return Policy over here.



      1. How can I place an order on Perlesa?


      • Choose your jewelry piece and click on “Buy Now” button
      • You will be then redirected to your shopping cart page – click on 'Place Order' to make payment for the piece or click on 'Continue Shopping' to add more products in your cart
      • Enter all your details – name, contact number, email ID and billing & shipping addresses and continue to payment
      • Choose your payment mode and complete the payment
      • You shall receive an order confirmation email to the e-mail address you provided while placing the order



      1. How do we get in touch?


      • By phone: +40757168925 . Call, SMS or Whatsapp
      • By message on Facebook or Instagram
      • By using the contact form in this website
      • By e-mail: maria.e.vatra@gmail.com


      1. Is it safe to pay using credit or debit card online?


      Yes. Our website, built on the Shopify platform, is powered with a safe and secure payment gateway that uses the latest SSL encoding technology to encrypt and decrypt all the data being sent through it. None of your information gets stored or is visible to other entities.


      1. Who are your shipping partners?


      FedEx, TNT, Posta Romana(Romanian National Post)


      1. Is my product safe in transit?


      Your product is perfectly safe, all shipments are 100% insured till it is delivered.


      1. What happens if my new piece of jewelry isn't the right size?


      You are welcome to contact us and we can re-size your jewelry by returning it to us for re-adjustment.


      1. What is the guarantee on your Jewelry?


      Everything we produce carries with it our personal guarantee. Simply put we stand behind everything we create and like you we are not happy with anything less that perfect.


      1. Why are your prices attractive?


      Operation overheads are kept to the minimal by having no expensive retail storefront and no commissioned sales person. We make ourselves known to the public through the word of mouth and low-cost online social media such as Facebook and Instagram. This allows us to focus on maximizing your budget on the best quality gem at an affordable price.


      1. Are discounts available?


      Yes. You may stay informed on special offers and promotions by subscribing to the Perlesa e-mail list. Create your online account or sign up for our newsletters today!


      1. How to take care of my jewelry?


      With reasonable care, your jewelry can be a lasting treasure.

      1. For routine care, it’s best to wash your jewelry with a jewelry cleaner once a month. Note that different jewelry cleaner are used for different purposes (e.g. the jewelry cleaner for diamonds and precious stones cannot be used to wash pearl jewelry).

      2. Store your jewelry separately from each other as they the metal may scratch the gemstone or pearl surfaces.

      3. It is advisable to take off your jewelry when performing household chores, gardening and outdoor sports. If your ring or other jewelry has undergone trauma, such as having been dropped or knocked against hard surfaces, we strongly advise a professional check to ensure the firm setting of the diamond / gemstone.

      4. For pearls, never store pearls in a plastic bag. Plastic can emit a chemical that will damage the surface of pearls. The same is true of cotton wool. Also, never store pearls in a safe deposit box for a long time. Like your skin, pearls need a little moisture so that they will not dry out.

      5. Jewelry can be damaged by many chemicals and all acids. The list includes hair spray, perfume, cosmetics, and even perspiration. Always apply perfume, hair products and cosmetics before putting on your jewelry. Remember: when dressing, jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.